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East Morgan Holdings, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has entered into a contract to purchase the patents and proprietary intellectual property rights for all power plant and energy related technologies from a research and development company which developed the technologies over the past 25 years.
This purchase opens the door for EMHI's entry into the air and ash pollution markets. The Company is focusing on coal burning power and cement plants with emphasis on mercury and other toxic metal emissions and the impact of expected tighter pollution regulations on both mercury emissions and disposal. The terms and conditions of the contract will be disclosed in a subsequent public filing.

This purchase paved the way for EMHI's plan to bring in a seasoned management team, to solicit representation from the Investment Banking Industry and Wall Street communities and to aggressively pursue revenues from the air emission remediation markets that are in need of its technologies.

Billions of dollars are spent each year globally by companies in their effort to prevent pollution and meet regulatory requirements. It appears imminent that these requirements will become even more stringent under new legislation both in the United States and European Union. Many of these companies under the threat of loss of income or even forced closings of plants etc. are actively seeking a "cure." EMHI believes it is the cure and plans to actively pursue these markets.

Ash from coal burning power plants is currently ruled in the United States as non hazardous. The recent mammoth spill of ash at the Tennessee Valley Authority which buried 400 acres has proven that current rulings need to be modified since the ash does contain mercury and other toxic metals. Coal burning cement plant ash has already been classified as hazardous by the E.P.A. The problem is our country needs energy which creates a dilemma which EMHI believe can be solved by utilization of its technologies.

The air emissions control technology was recently tested at a major cement plant which was on the EPA list of heavy pollution mercury emissions companies. Three weeks of testing proved that the air emissions control technology can remove more than two times the amount of mercury than Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) and four to five times the amount of mercury when used independent of PAC. The testing at the cement plant resulted in the development of a formula for utilization of the air emissions control technology for successfully eliminating mercury as required by regulating authorities, including tougher individual state requirements and impending federal regulations which would require mercury emission reduction of 98%. The sales and marketing of this formula and its underlying technology are a primary goal set by EMHI.

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