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Environmental monitoring equipment sales, rental and service company Enviro-Equipment Inc. proves with test project that CleanInject™ system is the best choice among groundwater remediation technologies.
Enviro-Equipment Inc., a leading innovator of groundwater remediation technologies, which also sells, rents and services environmental monitoring equipment, announced today that it has successfully completed a pilot test of the patent-pending CleanInject™ system.

The test used the CleanInject™ system to injectpowdered active carbon into a petroleum impacted formation, in order to remediate the groundwater and soil of a State of South Carolina stimulus site. The gas station site was injected in 4 days during August, 2012.

The test resulted in an 86% reduction in contaminant concentrations. Notably, although the remedial action performed targeted a limited area, it ended up remediating the majority of contamination present at the site.

The site will be re-sampled in early 2013 to determine if site specific target levels (SSTL) have been reached. If so, then no further action should be required. If not, then additional powdered active carbon (PAC) injections will likely be performed.

“We were delighted with the results of the pilot test, and more importantly, our client was very happy as well,” stated Brian E Chew Sr. PG, Principal Hydrogeologist at Enviro-Equipment Inc. “We look forward to cleaning up many sites with this economical process, and hope to spread this groundwater remediation technology to other states and countries, as well.”

Added Chew: “The CleanInject process, which was approved for use by SCDHEC, is now proven to rapidly remediate petroleum impacted groundwater and soil. Other groundwater remediation technologies, such as Sparge and Vent, could take one to two years to produce a similar result, and could cost three to five times more than this technology.”

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