In addition to receiving free water quality testing from Gillece Services, customers can now enter to win a free Whole House Water Filtration System for their home through a new sweepstakes. With growing concern over drinking water quality as well as increased waste and side effects from bottled water, Gillece is educating customers and promoting products for improving water quality throughout the home.
Water that runs through the tap from a home’s main water supply may be contaminated with more than 60,000 different chemicals and pollutants, including chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and fluoride. These pollutants are potentially dangerous to ingest and have been linked to health conditions ranging from skin ailments to serious illness. Water tests can determine chemical levels in untreated water, and different types of filters are available to greatly reduce or eliminate such impurities.

A Whole House Water Filter is the water filtration product that will be given away in the Gillece sweepstakes. It is a carbon-based filtration system that uses Granular Activated Carbon to remove potentially harmful contaminants from water. This type of carbon is effective at removing chlorine and other chemicals as well improving taste and smell.

Gillece will install the filter between a home’s main water line and interior pipes. Water enters the filter, passes through the activated carbon, and then is delivered throughout the home wherever water flows. The Whole House Water Filter is self-cleaning and refreshes the carbon bed for optimal efficiency. It is also eco-friendly due to less energy use, carbon benefits, bottled water elimination, water control, and irrigation contribution.

The Whole House Water Filter encourages better health and may have a number of other benefits, such as: prolonging the life of faucets; protecting pipes and appliances; making clothes cleaner and brighter; softening skin; and eliminating bottled water use.

Gillece Services provides and installs a variety of other water quality products, including products that fight the effects of hard water. Gillece Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Waterproofing, Indoor Air Quality, and Water Quality Services has served the Pittsburgh region for over 30 years. Gillece is available to customers in seven major southwestern Pa counties: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Washington, and Westmoreland.

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