Resource: The Chronicle    By Shari Phiel
Kinder Morgan, the company looking to bring one of two proposed coal export terminals to Port Westward in Clatskanie, has been racking up fines lately from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

According to a recent statement issued by the DEQ, SFPP, L.P., a Kinder Morgan subsidiary operating in Eugene, was issued penalties totaling $1,500 “for permit violations at a bulk petroleum storage facility located on 1765 Prairie Rd. in Eugene.”
DEQ said the Kinder Morgan subsidiary exceeded their permitted discharge limit for oil and grease and failed to perform required monitoring.

“SFPP is required to test their process wastewater after treatment from an activated carbon treatment system that discharges to a ditch, which ultimately flows to Flat Creek twice a month,” said the statement.

On Jan. 13, 2012, wastewater samples collected by SFFP and tested for oil and grease showed the samples contained more oil and grease than allowed. The company was determined to be in violation of both daily and monthly standards. It was for these violations that DEQ assessed a penalty of $1,500.

Subsequent testing on Jan. 19 found no oil or grease in the wastewater discharge.

However, in June 2012, SFPP failed to monitor for oil and grease. In addition, SFPP is required to sample, on a quarterly basis for oxygenated fuel additives. SFPP discharged process wastewater in April and June, yet failed to collect an oxygenated fuel additive sample during the second quarter of 2012 (April-June) from the process water discharge. DEQ did not assess a penalty to SFPP for failing to perform these tests.

In September, Kinder Morgan was fined $316,000 by the Environmental Protection Agency for not implementing sufficient risk management plans at two natural gas processing plants in Casper and Douglas, Wyo.

According to the EPA, inspector found that Kinder Morgan had not developed and submitted an “adequate risk management plan, a Clean Air Act violation for facilities containing hazardous or flammable substances above specified thresholds.” These plans aid in minimizing and preventing chemical releases and assist with emergency preparedness.

According to Kinder Morgan, the company has taken corrective action to address the violations and has agreed to establish new operating procedures, improve equipment maintenance and perform needed test to reduce the risk of accidental hazardous chemical releases.

The company has agreed to establish new operating procedures, improve equipment maintenance and perform integrity tests on pressure vessels to reduce the possibility of an accidental release of hazardous chemicals, according to the EPA.

Kinder Morgan’s Casper and Douglas, Wyo., natural gas facilities process about 185 million cubic feet of natural gas per day.

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