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U.S. Navy, The Government of USA has issued the following news release:

Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Southwest awarded CH2M Hill Constructors Inc. of San Diego, a $76.68 million contract Sept. 29, for the design and construction of an advanced water treatment plant at Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Pendleton.
The work includes the construction of a new potable water distributing system with pump stations, a water treatment plant and operations facilities. The new water treatment plant facilities will include three basic treatment modules including granulated activated carbon, reverse osmosis, and a pH control chemical injection system. The project will also construct an on-site two million gallon clear well for potable water storage and a brine disposal system.

"It was a pleasure and a great opportunity to be part of NAVFAC Southwest's Central IPT and Camp Pendleton Public Works teams to launch such meaningful projects that will make significant improvements to the base infrastructure water system that will in turn have a positive impact on the lives of those in the military service, their families, and civilians on the base for many years to come," said Elizabeth Puorro, NAVFAC Southwest project manager for this project.

This water treatment project was developed in conjunction with a water conveyance project in support of the Grow the Force Initiative. With the growing population and the construction of new base facilities that include the new BEQs and the Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton, these two projects will allow MCB Camp Pendleton to increase its potable water supply capacity, meet regulatory requirements, and improve the quality and reliability of potable water supply service.

The advanced water treatment plant will treat groundwater from the wells in the San Mateo and San Onofre basins to meet more stringent secondary drinking water standards for total dissolved solids. A disinfection by-products rule will be followed by removing the total organic carbon in well-water. The advanced water treatment facility will also reduce corrosives in the water by controlling the pH to support efforts to meet wastewater discharge requirements. The two projects will be in compliance with current and potential future federal, state, and regional water regulations.

This contract was competitively procured via the Navy Electronic Commerce Online website with nine proposals received. Work will be performed in Oceanside and is expected to be completed by spring 2016. NAVFAC Southwest is the contracting activity.

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