Source: ecochunk
The World Health Organization estimates that 80 percent of all diseases are a result of unsafe water and poor hygiene, especially in rural and underdeveloped parts of the world. In the urban world, homeowners either make use of expensive water filters as an answer to the questionable quality of tap water or spend hundreds of dollars each year in purchasing bottled water, which also results in plastic pollution. Trying to solve the woes related to the consumption of contaminated water, Zuvo Water has come up with Stratus – the world’s first cloud-connected water filtration and faucet ecosystem that makes use of the company’s patented water filtration technology that replicates nature’s cleansing process and a cloud-connected app, making it the most intelligent water filtration system on the market.
The company, which is committed to reducing the global consumption of bottled water and the related plastic waste, has made the Stratus with non-painted BPA-free plastics that are durable and recyclable. The touch-sensitive faucet can be connected with either a over-the-counter water filtration system that combines ultraviolet rays with ozone and an activated charcoal system to purify water, or an under-the-counter filtration system that works on the same principles. The Stratus’ Wi-Fi communication allows Zuvo Water to deliver to your smartphone a host of important information about your water along with information about the remaining life of the filter and the daily rate of water consumption in your household.

Along with it, the Stratus app provides real-time filter diagnostics and important information about your local water municipality. The system also includes a personal hydration coach app with which you can precisely manage your daily water consumption requirements. Zuvo Water has just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds, the successful completion of which will enable the company to launch commercial variants of the faucets, which will be made available in tri-flow and beverage faucet styles with different finishes.

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