Every year when farmers start harvesting their sugar cane, maize and other crops, Cairenes brace themselves for what is ominously known as “The Black Cloud.” Caused when seasonal meteorological conditions meet the smoke released by burning agricultural waste, the heavy black pollution settles over an already smoggy Cairo, and respiratory diseases flourish.

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Not every item of clothing we own needs to be laundered with soap and water after each wearing. But they could stand to be freshened up. Design graduate Lisa Marie Bengtsson has just the thing: a clothes hanger that has an activated charcoal filter.

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LUCENA CITY, Philippines—Charcoal production from wood products is now banned in Quezon province, a provincial official said Friday.

“Wood charcoal making in Quezon is now prohibited. The only charcoal material to be allowed is coconut shell which abounds in the province,” Board Member Victor Reyes told the Inquirer in an interview Friday.