Source: Fort Mill Times
Rubber-Cal Inc. is adding over 100 new residential doormats to their already-large selection of home and commercial entrance mats. These printed coir mats are hand-made from 100% natural coconut fiber, and are perfectly suited to join the company’s vast line of eco-friendly products. Being constructed from natural materials, coir or cocomats are designed to perform in outdoor weather conditions. Since most rubber plantations in South East Asia are located side to side with coconut farms, the move to bring coir mats to consumers was a natural and practical decision.
Printed coco doormats are available in an assortment of unique designs that can feature elegant hand-stenciled art or clever, whimsical, and even heartwarming phrases. These mats are also available as personalized monogrammed doormats, which will add a touch of individuality to any entryway. They are sized to fit both standard as well as larger-sized entrances, and are designed with aesthetic and functional purposes in mind.

Salvador Solis, a brand manager at Rubber-Cal, notes: “These doormats are absolutely stunning! Here we’ve brought the beauty and resilience of nature and added a bit of color and style—the end result is a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing product that’s going to look great while it protects the interior floors of your home or business.” Coir mats are also naturally resistant mold and mildew, can withstand weather conditions of all kinds, and are easy-to-clean.

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